Rainbow Treat Bags

Rainbow Treat Bags

by Color It Candy

If you're looking for the perfect gift for your St. Patrick's Day or rainbow-themed celebration, look no further! These rainbow treat bags by our friend Dawn at Cutefetti are the ideal hand-out treat for school events or parties. Using our selection of bright, colorful, chocolatey Sixlets® or chewy Gumballs you can easily make these treats at home.


Our chocolatey Sixlets® are available in every color of the rainbow and more! Their vibrant colors will inspire kids and adults alike, and their delicious chocolatey insides are enough to make anyone's day better. For more variety, make some treat bags using our Shimmer™ Gold Gumballs as well. These gleaming golden goodies are great for a St. Patrick's Day-themed event, and look fantastic when paired with the rainbow Sixlets® bags!




  1. Separate Sixlets and/or gumballs by color into bowls, ensuring they are all within arms reach.
  2. Layer Sixlets and/or gumballs into each bag. Around 20 Sixlets per color should do.
  3. Tape the bags shut and decorate as desired.


Visit Cutefetti's website to download the printable gift tags used in this recipe.