Color it Kickoff

Color it Kickoff

by Madison Lindsay
Candy Mixes for Every NFL Team

As the summer starts to wind down, everybody knows what season is starting up right around the corner… Football season! No matter what team you’re cheering for, there’s one thing everyone has in common: celebrating. Sunday afternoon football gatherings, tailgating parties, and get-togethers with family and friends all call for some good food, good times, and great decorations.

If you’re hosting the next game day party, we have the easiest tip for dressing up your food & beverage tables, while keeping your guests happy while watching. Decorate your next NFL Gameday Party using Color it Candy™! Perfect for snacking, baking, and decorating! Choose your team colors to decorate cakes, make cookies, and set up party tables. Place your team-colored Sixlets®, Pearls, or Gumballs at your appetizer or dessert tables, and keep re-filling throughout the game for a go-to treat for your guests!

Color it Candy™ makes Gameday Parties a breeze with candies that are easy to mix, and set the mood for the big game. Fill mason jars, or any glass bowl, with your choice of chocolatey Sixlets®, chewy Gumballs, or shiny candy Pearls. Your team-colored candies will add the perfect touch to every Gameday Party, so it’s a win-win for everyone!

Week One of the 100th NFL Season. The following are your team's color mix!

Chicago Bears

  • Navy Blue; Orange

Cincinnati Bengals

  • Orange; Black

Buffalo Bills

  • Royal Blue; Red; White

Denver Broncos

  • Orange; Royal Blue

Cleveland Browns

  • Orange, Black

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Red, Black, Shimmer White

Arizona Cardinals

  • Red; White

Los Angeles Chargers 

  • Yellow; Light Blue

    Kansas City Chiefs

    • Red; Yellow

    Indianapolis Colts

    • Blue; White

    Dallas Cowboys

    • Silver; White; Blue

    Miami Dolphins

    • Turquoise; Shimmer Orange

    Philadelphia Eagles

    • Green; Silver

    Atlanta Falcons

    • Black; Red

    New York Giants

    • Navy Blue; White

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    • Black; Turquoise; Shimmer Gold

      New York Jets

      • Green; White

      Detroit Lions

      • Silver; Blue

      Green Bay Packers

      • Green; Yellow

      Carolina Panthers

      • Silver; Shimmer Light Blue; Black

      New England Patriots

      • Navy Blue; Red; Silver

        Oakland Raiders

        • Silver; Black

        Los Angeles Rams

        • Blue; White; Gold

        Baltimore Ravens

        • Black; Purple

        New Orleans Saints

        • Black; Gold

        Seattle Seahawks

        • Shimmer Lime Green; Shimmer Powder Blue; Silver

        Pittsburgh Steelers

        • Black; Yellow

        Houston Texans

        • Navy Blue; Red

        Tennessee Titans

        • Shimmer Powder Blue; Navy Blue; Red

        Minnesota Vikings

        • Purple; Gold

        San Francisco 49ers

        • Shimmer Gold; Red