Color it Thanksgiving

Thu, Sep 26, 2019

Color it Thanksgiving

by Madison Lindsay

DIY candy crafts and recipes for Thanksgiving

Color it Candy™ is bringing you the cutest, and most fun DIY projects and baking ideas for this Thanksgiving season! From cupcakes, to classroom treats, to decorating with candy, we have the most creative ideas to spice up your holiday. 
Sixlets® filled Turkey Candy Jar
What you will need:
Colored Construction Paper
Glass Bowls
Scissors and Tape
Color it Candy™ Sixlets®
Start by filling glass jars with Autumn colored Color it Candy™ Sixlets®! Then cut out hand shaped feathers from the construction paper and tape to the jar. Finish it off with face details, and your easy DIY turkey candy jar is ready to be shown off!
   Thanksgiving Indian Corn Rice Krispy Treats
Looking for a non-traditional Thanksgiving craft/treat to do with your kids? Look no further! Check out this awesome Thanksgiving Indian Corn Rice Krispy Treat! Make sure to keep your Autumn Colored Sixlets® handy! Not only is it a fun activity to do with your kids at home, they can bring them into the classroom for a fun Thanksgiving treat to share!
 Turkey Cupcakes
The most creative way to eat Thanksgiving dinner (and dessert)! Try out this awesome recipe from A Taste of Home this season! To create the perfect Thanksgiving dinner-dessert, top off with Color it Candy™ Sixlets®. Use Shimmer Orange, Red, Yellow, Gold, and Dark Green to make your turkey come to life!
 Simple Candy Decor
A simple but elegant Thanksgiving family candy bar! To set the scene for your big Thanksgiving family dinner, set out glass jars on kitchen tables and fill with Color it Candy™ Gumballs and Sixlets®! Shimmer Gold, Shimmer Yellow, Orange, Red, and Dark Green are the perfect shades to turn your home into a sweet Thanksgiving dream. For even more decoration, label the jars, and set out pumpkins, leaves, and other fall decorations around the bowls as well!