A Very Merry Holiday Candy Buffet

A Very Merry Holiday Candy Buffet

by Nicholas Helmick

Inspire holiday spirit with this easy, festive candy buffet! 

This holiday season, nothing will excite your loved ones' sweet tooth AND inspire their holiday spirit quite like a festive candy buffet. So put your DIY hat on, and let Color it Candy's confectionery connoisseurs help you build the perfect candy buffet for your next occasion!

Ingredients and where to find them:

*We've included a special candy charcuterie board to help take your buffet to the next level. Check out our Holiday Charcuterie Board DIY for inspiration and a detailed list of stuff we used!

Building your candy buffet

Red, green and white are the classic seasonal colors, so keep them in mind and include them wherever possible to set the right tone for your buffet. Start with a tablecloth - we recommend red or green, we chose red - to lay the foundation on your table of choice. Next, take stock of any transparent, display-worthy containers you may have. Glass or plastic cookie jars, wine carafes, flower vases and serving bowls can make great makeshift background decorations and/or serving stations for your colorful candies. Feel free to get creative with what you use - having a diversity of container shapes and sizes will make your buffet whimsical and unique!

Once you have your containers picked out, it's time to fill them with delicious and colorful candies. A variety of candy colors, types and shapes will also serve to make your buffet look and taste special. We chose to fill ours with an assortment of bright and festive chocolatey Sixlets®, sugary Pearls™, flavorful Gumballs and foiled milk chocolate ornaments and peanut butter bells that are great for snacking and further set the holiday mood. Then, add some "life" to your setup with a collection of milk chocolate Nutcrackers, Santas and vibrantly-colored reindeer roaming your table. Finish off the assortment with a luxurious candy charcuterie and the edible part of your buffet is done!

Once your candy and charcuterie are all set up, it's time to get creative with your non-candy decorations! Luckily, this color scheme is easy to match with any leftover holiday decorations you have laying around the house. Raid your Christmas box and grab some garlands, mistletoe, ornaments or other festive trinkets and add them to the mix to complete your holiday candy buffet scene.

When your guests arrive, they are sure to be impressed and delighted by your sweet, spirited smorgasbord. Don't forget to take pictures beforehand - it'll be gone quickly!