Boy Baby Shower Favors For An Unforgettable Celebration

Boy Baby Shower Favors For An Unforgettable Celebration

by Nicholas Helmick

It's a boy! Let's take a look at some DIY boy baby shower favor ideas for the mom-to-be in your life. The best party favors are sweet treats, and we have the colorful candy options that all your guests will love and enjoy. Let Color it Candy's vibrantly colorful candies be the perfect party favors for your boy baby shower!


Sixlets® Baby Shower Muddy Buddies

This Color it Candy® original muddy buddy recipe takes a classic party favor and turns it into a baby shower hit using colorful chocolatey Sixlets®! The recipe uses our powder blue Sixlets® to match the traditional boy color scheme, with an end product that is colorful, delicious and easy for your guests to grab handfuls of while they celebrate.


The Perfect Blue Candy Bowls

#TeamBoy is all about the blue! That's why a serving bowl of our chocolatey blue Sixlets® and tasty Gumballs are the perfect sweet favor to add to any boy baby shower. Check out our various shades of blue candy to find the perfect one for your celebration - from bright powder blue to rich royal blue, bold navy blue and more. No matter the color scheme you have in mind, we've got a blue to match it.


Candy-filled Baby Bottles

No baby shower is complete without baby bottles. Make yours unique by filling them with tasty white or blue Gumballs or chocolatey Sixlets®! Small candy-filled bottles make great themed gifts for your guests, especially if you add some simple decorations to make them extra cute. Or, fill up a large baby bottle with candy and have your attendees guess how many are in it to win a prize.


Gumball Gift Tubes

These little treats are a fun and sweet parting gift for your baby shower guests. All you need are some plastic tubes, Shimmer™ powder blue Gumballs and some decorations. Put them together and voila! You've got a set of adorable party favors for your friends and family to enjoy on the way home from your baby shower.


Baby Shower Candy Buffet

What is guaranteed to make your guests squeal with delight at your baby shower? A candy buffet, of course! The sky's the limit with this party favorite. Pick up your favorite blue and white candies, decorations and serving dishes and create your buffet! Ensure your theme is flawless by picking the colors you want from our selection of vibrant and delicious Sixlets®, Gumballs and Pearls.

To find the ideal colors and candy for your event, check out our assortment of boy baby shower candies!