Color it Spooky

Color it Spooky

by Madison Lindsay

Halloween Decorations and Ideas Made with Candy

Want to be the spooky and stylish house everyone is talking about this Halloween? We have a scary good way to spook up your Halloween decorations this year!

Create spirited scenes with Color it Candy™ to put you and your family in the Halloween mood! Using Black, Orange, Yellow, White, Green and Purple candies, mix it up your way to turn your home into a haunted house! From decorating dinner tables, to Halloween baking, festive candy mixes, and Pumpkin crafts for your children, we have all the ideas to make this Halloween the most festive one yet.

Set out bowls on the dinner table with Orange and Black Sixlets® for the perfect after school or after dinner snack. Then, keep the kids busy with Halloween crafts and activities. Melt colored chocolate and spread on a pan to freeze to make chocolate bark. Sprinkle in Green, Purple, or Orange Sixlets® and Pearls to take your decorating up a notch! Not into chocolate? Bake cupcakes and use Color it Candy™ Pearls as a substitute for sprinkles on top!



More easy and fun DIY ideas with Color it Candy™:


Pack the Pumpkin

Carving pumpkins is a classic Halloween tradition. No doubt. For a fun and easy craft with kids, try filling one pumpkin up with Black and Orange Color it Candy™ Sixlets® for an added pop of festive (and delicious) Halloween decor. 


Make Your Own Pumpkin

Not into cleaning up after the pumpkin carving is over? We don’t blame you. Try filling circular jars (plastic or glass) with Orange Color it Candy™ Sixlets® or Gumballs. Then, draw or paste black cutouts for eyes, mouth and nose for an edible and eco-friendly (reusable) Jack-O-Lantern.

Make Your Own Candy Corn

Does anyone actually eat candy corn? Probably not. Use Color it Candy™ to create your own “cans of candy corn.” What you’ll need: empty Mason Jars and Color it Candy™ Sixlets® in Yellow, Orange and White. Pour layers of Color it Candy™ Sixlets® in each jar to mimic the markings of candy corn, and give gifts of Halloween candy that people will actually want to eat.

Cast a Colorful Spell

Fill your favorite witch’s cauldron with a colorful concoction of Black, Orange and Lime Green Color it Candy™ Sixlets® for a perfectly sweet Halloween potion.

Vampire Party

Create a dark scene in your home by decorating with Black Color it Candy™ Gumballs and Sixlets®. Add touches of red for a wicked Vampire Party feeling. Set out bowls filled with Black and Red Color it Candy™ on the table for your guests to keep enjoying all night long.


Frankenstein Mix

Lime Green and Black Color it Candy™ are the perfect colors for a Frankenstein Mix in your home. Fill a tin of Lime Green and Black Color it Candy™ Gumballs, and cut out a Frankenstein face for the front! If you are feeling extra crafty, fill a mason jar of Lime Green and Black Color it Candy™ Sixlets®, and paint the jar green with black features!