DIY Candy Surprises for Mother's Day!

DIY Candy Surprises for Mother's Day!

by Nicholas Helmick

Mother's Day is a time to show thanks and appreciation for mothers and all the hard work they do. Make this year's Mother's Day special by giving the mom in your life the gift of candy! Here are some fun and unique DIY gifts that are easy to get the kids involved with, and are sure to put a smile on her face.


Chocolate & Vanilla Sixlets Pretzel Butterflies

Looking for a quirky and delicious snack to make with the kids for Mother's Day? These adorable and easy-to-make butterflies by Moms Who Save are salty, sweet and creative. Pick your favorite Sixlets colors here.



Chocolate Flowers

Flowers are a wonderful Mother's Day gift, but chocolate flowers are even sweeter! Grab some colorful foiled chocolate hearts and make her day with one, several, or even a whole bouquet of these beautiful treats.



Gumball Flowers

With a little arts and crafts know-how, some delicious gumballs can turn into a creative work of art! These cute gumball flowers are the perfect DIY gift for the kids to make for mom. Find her favorite colors, some simple plastic tubes (available at crafts stores and online) and crafting supplies; then let the kids loose to create their own version that mom is sure to cherish.



Cupcake Flower Cups

What mom can resist a beautifully-decorated and delicious cupcake paired with chocolatey candy? Get the kids involved and make an afternoon out of decorating these treat cups. Start with some Sixlets "soil", top with a store-bought or homemade cupcake, then let the kids create their own flower-themed toppings!