Lucky Candy Party Favors for St. Patty's Day!

Lucky Candy Party Favors for St. Patty's Day!

by Nicholas Helmick

Rainbows, pots o' gold, four-leaf clovers and green everywhere you look; it's that time of year where we celebrate all things Irish! What better way to spread the St. Patrick's Day spirit than with some colorful, candy-filled treats to share with your kids, friends and family? Here are some easy DIY party favors to make your St. Patty's Day celebration luckier than a leprechaun's hat!


Rainbow Treat Bags

These rainbow treat bags are the ideal hand-out gifts for school events or parties. Using our Shimmer® Gold Gumballs and a selection of our rainbow-colored Sixlets®, these easy-to-make gifts are bright, colorful and memorable.


Pot o' Gold Rainbow Cake

This vibrant and cheery St. Patty's-themed cake is perfect for those of us who'd rather not bake a whole cake, but want to make something special to "wow" your friends or family. Using colorful Sixlets® and Pearls, turn any store-bought cake into a St. Patty's Day wonderland!


Sixlets® Pots of Gold

While real pots of gold would certainly make a great gift, they're just a tad expensive! We've got the next best thing. Pick up some gift-sized decorative "pots" (we found these at Party City) and fill them with chocolatey gold instead. Our Shimmer™ Gold Sixlets® shine and sparkle like the real thing, but taste a whole lot better!


Cookie Pops w/ Gold Pearls

These cookie pops by Love From The Oven are as delicious and sweet as they are creative! Make these treats for the kids to bring to school for a unique and festive snack. With a cookie center, sugary coating and a "pot" of our Shimmer™ Gold Pearls, these tasty treats are a great themed snack for your St. Patty's Day celebration!


Rainbow Cupcakes

While these cupcakes would make any party fun, they're especially fitting for St. Patrick's Day. This recipe by The Celebration Shoppe uses all the colors of the rainbow, topped with our chocolatey Sixlets® and/or vibrant Gumballs to match! Make your celebration colorful and charming with these sure-to-please confections.