The Color of Love <3

The Color of Love <3

by Nicholas Helmick

Valentine's Day is a time for expressing love, appreciation and devotion to the people you care most about. When planning your special day, Color it Candy™ is there with a variety of sweet and colorful treats to help you express just how you feel.


Chocolate is a classic symbol of love and commitment and a great addition to any Valentine's celebration - whether it's dessert after a nice dinner, a treat for a kids party, or favors for a Galentine's party. Chocolate elevates your mood, relaxes you and, according to some, encourages falling in love! At Color it Candy, we offer creamy and delicious foil wrapped Chocolate Hearts and Chocolate Balls in a variety of exciting colors to match whatever you have planned.

In addition to our foil wrapped chocolates, Color it Candy offers a variety of other candies in love-inspired colors that make great gifts, party buffet offerings and toppings for baked goods you've poured your heart into for your loved ones.



Our delicious, candy-coated chocolatey Sixlets® are an excellent way to profess your feelings in shining color. Available in several shades of romantic pink, red and white colors (any many more!), these lovely little morsels make a great snack to share, as well as sweet toppings on Valentine's cookies, brownies or other homemade confections.

Gumballs have always brought joy and color to kids and adults around the world. Now, with the help of Color it Candy, they can bring the same feelings to your Valentine's celebration! These sweet, chewy goodies make a bright and flavorful snack and are available in any color to meet the theme of your special day. Put a bowl of these next to the flowers you bought and you'll have one happy S.O.!




Pearls are the ultimate "cherry" on top of your baked Valentine's Day gift. You can enhance almost any dessert or baked good with a topping of delicious Pearls, which are a great substitute for sprinkles. Just like our Sixlets and Gumballs, Pearls are available in a wide variety of colors to make your cookies, cakes and cupcakes look just right.

Our Color it Candy Sixlets®, Gumballs and Pearls are available in two different color finishes to broaden your options: shine (regular) and shimmer. The shine finish produces colors that are bold and deep, while the shimmer finish uses our signature Shimmer™ coating to give candy an extra vibrant shine. Try one or both to make the perfect impression!




No matter your plans, Color it Candy has the sweet and colorful treats to help make your Valentine's Day celebration special and memorable. Browse our website to find just what you need!