Valentine's Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Valentine's Day Craft Ideas for Kids

by Nicholas Helmick

In my previous blog, we discussed some delicious and memorable ways to incorporate candy into your Valentine's Day plans this year. Although this holiday often focuses on adults, there's no reason kids shouldn't be able to celebrate too! Here are some cute and fun ways to introduce candy and color to your kid's Valentine's Day celebration.


"I Chews You!" These delightful little gifts are simple, tasty and fun for kids to share with their friends and family during school or a Valentine's Day themed event. Mix and match combinations of white, pink and red gumballs to give them a classic holiday feel, or go rogue and create your own color mix!


Cards are a Valentine's Day staple, and a bit of candy makes it even better. A simple message and some chocolate is all you really need. Our delectable milk chocolate foiled hearts are an easy and colorful choice, and are hard to resist eating!


Gumballs are a beloved kid's treat, made doubly fun by the introduction of a gumball machine! Make your kids' Valentine's event extra special with a gumball machine filled with pink, red or white Gumballs.


Don't have the budget or time for a gumball machine? Keep things simple with a tray of your own custom color mix of Sixlets®. We have every color under the rainbow available, including the essential Valentine's Day colors, so you can mix and match to your heart's desire! Create your custom mix of sweet, chocolatey Sixlets® and give your event a personal touch that kids and adults alike will enjoy!


A little creativity goes a long way with these effortless little treat cups. Simply decorate a set of containers with Valentine's Day crafts, fill them with some sweet treats and you're done! These make excellent gifts for your kid to bring to their classroom, or to hand out at a Valentine's-themed party. We recommend you mix and match our deliciously sweet Sixlets® and Gumballs, available in a wide variety of colors to match the theme of your event!

For more inspiration, check out our selection of Valentine's Day candy to make your party or event a hit!