Pot o' Gold Rainbow Cake

Pot o' Gold Rainbow Cake

by Color It Candy

Looking for the perfect centerpiece to your St. Patrick's Day celebration? This bright and cheery St. Patty's-themed cake decoration was dreamt up by our friend Amy over at Savvy Saving Couple! For those of us who don't have the time (or patience) to bake a whole cake, this store-bought cake decoration DIY is an easy, quick way to make a cake that embodies the Irish spirit and brings luck to all who enjoy it!


A pot of gold, gold coins, a rainbow of colorful Sixlets® - keep an eye out for hungry leprechauns who might want a bite out of your treat-covered cake!



Prep Time: 30 min



  1. Start out by adding all your candy colors into little bowls to make it easy to pluck them. Lay out all your supplies within arms reach.
  2. Uncover your cake, and figure out how you want to make your rainbow. Do you want a band going across, maybe a horizontal tapered band? Regardless, keep in mind the ROYGBIV rainbow colors to create that aesthetically pleasing color pattern.
  3. Add chocolate coins around your cake to spread it out. I added them to the top trim for added effects.
  4. Wash your mini pot and dry it carefully. Fill it with Gold Sixlets. You want to slightly tip it and have the gold spill.
  5. Sprinkles added to the bare trim tie in the colors and give it an extra festive feel.
  6. Once you are done decorating, be sure to seal the cake with the cover until it clicks.


This cake stores well in the fridge for up to one week. The candies do not bleed and will stay nicely adhered.