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Black Pearls

When rainbow sprinkles aren't the classy topping you're looking for, turn to Color It Candy Black Pearls (.22 inch). These tiny black candies add the sophisticated finishing touch to any cake, cookie or cupcake. When you want to elevate the occasion, sprinkle on Color It Candy Black Pearls.

Color it Imagination
Decorating or Celebrating Ideas

  • Treat your guests to a spooky, googly-eyed cupcake treat made possible by Color It Candy Black Pearls.
  • Auld Lang Syne! Sprinkle Black Pearls the moment the ball drops and the clock strikes the New Year.
  • Color it cheeky with an Over the Hill cake adorned with little Black Pearls.
  • Mix Black Pearls with pink and white for the ultimately cute bridal shower party favor.
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Sized to Fit All

Delicate candied Pearls. Classic chocolatey Sixlets®. Bubbly Gumballs. There’s a perfect, sweet Color it Candy™ size no matter the size of your special occasion. From big to small, color it all with candy!