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Shimmer™ Powder Blue Pearls

Sprinkle Color it Candy™ Shimmer™ Powder Blue Pearls (.22”) on top of your favorite party treat! Shimmer™ Powder Blue Pearls complete the princess theme, baby boy gender reveal or pastel bridal shower look. Whatever the occasion, color the world with Shimmer™ Powder Blue Pearls!

2 lb Bag
Shimmer Powder Blue Pearls - 2 lb Bag

Color it Imagination
Decorating or Celebrating Ideas

  • Tiny Shimmer™ Powder Blue Pearls make for the perfect gender reveal surprise when they’re baked into cupcakes.
  • Sprinkle your frozen princess theme party with Shimmer™ Powder Blue Pearls.
  • When you want to add the right amount of shimmer to your bridal shower cookies, you top them off with Shimmer™ Powder Blue Pearls.
  • No baby shower is complete without a sprinkling of Shimmer™ Powder Blue Pearls.
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Delicate candied Pearls. Classic chocolatey Sixlets®. Bubbly Gumballs. There’s a perfect, sweet Color it Candy™ size no matter the size of your special occasion. From big to small, color it all with candy!